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Core Values - Meet Grit & Diamond

Our Core Values  Win Win Win Creating solutions in the community is the game and we believe all problems are solved creating a win for the customer, the company and the environment.  Contribution  We are always contributing, at what level are we choosing to contribute at and is it leaving the world a better place than before we arrived.  Communicate Sustainability Be here now, think ahead, cultivate meaningful communication around sustainability in the world.  Superhero  We all have superpowers to apply. What is your superpower?  Brave  Everyday is a new chance to show up, a new opportunity to push harder and a new chapter to level up and prove to yourself you got GRIT.
Grit is about no-nonsense business.  When he sets his mind to something, his determination and strive for greatness always prevails.  He also knows that sh*t won't get done by the snap of his finger; he works hard, plays hard and finds the balance of both.  Every day is a new day for a challenge to be conquered and an opportunity to learn something about himself, his relationships or the world around him.  Never afraid of new ideas, creating new connections and always down for self-care, he runs his world with ambition, strength, and grit. When diamond walks into any room her shoulders are back, her head is up and she strides in confidently.  She is not afraid of asking questions, meeting new people and gracefully taking time to love herself.  With her grace and beauty comes a spontaneous, gritty side.  Without hesitation, she jumps into new adventures and gets her hands dirty climbing mountains and trekking through the forest and is always game for adventures.  Bringing along her closest friends, she knows that the outdoors brings stronger connections, creating space for awareness and self-love.  Never afraid to be polished and sparkling but open to showing true grit.